International diving courses

Diving training courses in Kish diving center are conducted under the supervision and supervision of PADI organization.

The expected diving courses in this center are divided into two categories: introductory and advanced diving training courses, as well as specialized diving courses.

Open water diver

By completing this course and obtaining an international certificate from the PADI system, you will have the necessary license and ability to dive to a depth of 18 meters all over the world.

The first session is practiced in theory classes and shallow water, and the last session in deep water.

Advanced open water diver

This course is to complete the previous course. Completing this course gives you a license to dive in waters with a depth of 30 meters. In this course, you will learn underwater orientation and deep diving, and the course ends with three more dives.

Emergency first response - EFR

This course is dedicated to the training of organizing first aid for divers.

Rescue diver

This course is dedicated to the training of organizing crisis situations especially for diving, which divers learn to help other divers at the time of an accident.

Dive master

This course is considered the first stage of professional diving, under the supervision of an instructor and under the supervision of many divers, they acquire the theoretical and practical skills of a skilled diver and prepare as an assistant instructor to supervise the performance and assist in diving activities.

Deep diver

This course is designed to teach divers more ability to move to much greater depths. Passing this course gives the diver the ability to dive at 40 meters.

Underwater navigator

In this course, the diver learns how to navigate underwater with different methods.

Underwater naturalist

According to the needs of divers regarding the marine environment and ecosystem, in this course you will get to know marine animals and their behavior.

Search and recovery

During this course, the diver learns different skills to find and float submerged objects.

Underwater photographer

In this course, we teach underwater photography and videography techniques.

Underwater photographer

When a diver learns five diving specialties, he will receive the master scuba diver certificate.

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