PADI diving courses

Kish Diving Center (Kish Island, Iran) is a PADI dive center certified (Professional Association of Diving instructors) that all qualifying PADI diving courses include: diving in open water, advanced open water diving, first aid, diving rescue drill. As well as professional training courses, and specialized diving PADI (Mstraskvba driver and Dayvmstr, deep diving, underwater navigation, etc) as well as offers.

  • Course Name

    Dive Master

  • Prerequisite

    At least 20 confirmed dives & rescue diving course

  • Minimum age

    18 years old

  • Duration

    4 to 6 weeks

Dive Master Course


Begin the first stage of your professional diving under supervision of experienced PADI coaches in Kish diving center. You can increase your skills and knowledge become a professional independent diver. The dive master course will improve your leadership and guidance abilities by teaching you to supervise diving activities and by assisting diving coaches.

You will be able to do the following as a PADI dive master:

  • You can work in the sailboats, diving boats and other local marine entertainment activities.
  • You can assist PADI coaches in their job.
  • You can guide PADI Scuba divers in diving tours.
  • Teach PADI skin to the divers and provide certification.
  • Teach various PADI Discover diving courses with a mask, snorkel and fins.
  • Holding PADI Scuba diving courses for the certified divers
  • Guiding the certified divers to discover and have a local diving experience.
  • Teach rescue diver courses after successfully completing emergency first response and rescue coaching courses.
  • Teach Discover Scuba course in limited waters and after passing internship of Discover Scuba course, you can teach the dive master course.

Prerequisites of PADI Dive master

  • Already acquired the certification of PADI open water diving or the equivalent.
  • Already acquired the certification of PADI first response and rescue certification course.
  • Medical certification from a registered physician.
  • At least twenty logged dives.
  • At Least 18 years of age.

What will you do in the PADI dive master course?

  • You will learn the leading and guiding principles in diving.
  • You will learn the necessary skills and fundamental forces practices in limited and open water
  • Educational practices to test problem solving and organizational capabilities.
  • An internship or a series of the practical exercises

What do you need for a Dive master training course?

The following are the required items which most of them will be available for you in the Kish diving center for study during the course.
  • PADI dive master manual.
  • Recreational Diving Planner(RDP) (All three editions, table, wheel and RDP which includes the guidance in using the brochures)
  • Encyclopedia of Recreational diving.
  • Scuba diving knowledge workbook.
  • Dive master logging notebook.
  • Coach guides for the programs that can be held by the PADI dive masters. These items are available for purchase in the center.
  • You need to watch the PADI dive master video clips.