PADI Diving Courses

Kish Diving Center (Kish Island, Iran) is a diving center certified by PADI (Professional Association of Diving instructors) that holds all PADI diving courses including: diving in open water, advanced open water diving, first aid, diving rescue drill. As well as professional training courses, and specialized diving PADI (Master scuba diver and dive master, deep diving, underwater navigation, etc) among other offers.

  • Course Name

    Open Water Diving

  • Prerequisite


  • Minimum Age

    15 years old

  • Course Duration

    4 days

  • Dives Number

    4 dives

Open Water Diving Course


PADI open water diving course is the most common diving course in the world. At the end of this training course you will receive PADI open water diving certification which is widely acceptable and credible worldwide and you can dive independently.

PADI open water diving requirements
No special requirements is needed for open water diving courses in the diving center Kish (Kish, Iran). Anyone who is in good health and able to swim in the water, can successfully achieve PADI open water scuba diving certification. The minimum age for PADI open water diving certification is 15 years that must be reached at the end of the course. Apprentices under this age can still participate in open water diving courses. To start these courses you must be at least 10 years of age.

What will you do at PADI open water diving course
You will learn about diving principles which includes techniques and equipment during the period of free water scuba diving course in Kish diving center (Kish, Iran). By complete the diving courses and gaining necessary knowledge the certification will be awarded.

How long does the PADI open water diving course last?
Duration of PADI open water diving course (along with all PADI courses) are performance-based. You will finish the course when you have achieved necessary skills and technics. This allows you to act in a way that is best convenient for you.

PADI open water diving requirements
You will need the following (this is not mandatory to describe and study during the course of the above will be available to students):

  • PADI open water diving Crew-Pak
  • you need to review the PADI open water diving videotapes or DVDs (These video DVDs are available in Kish diving center)
  • log book You can easily buy these stuff from Kish Diving Center store or order them online by your credit card.

After the PADI open water diving course
After you’ve finished PADI open water diving course, you can start exploring the underwater world by stating the adventure training course advance diving program.