Aqua Games

Kish Diving Center

In addition to numerous scuba diving courses which are offered in Kish diving center, various water games are also available which we hope to make your leisure time as joyful as possible.

Banana Boat

As apparent from the name, it is an inflatable boat with the shape of a banana. This tube will be towed behind a boat and brings about exciting and joyful moments for you.

Capacity: 4 to 6
Duration: 20 minutes
Price: 90.000 IR Toman per person

Marine shuttle

Marine shuttle is one of the most exciting and beautiful activities in the world of water sports. The shuttle is light and hollow that seems similar to a space rocket and it is attached to the boat with a long rope. Adventurers sit on it and try to keep their balance with holding the handles at high speed. This exciting sports has a lot of enthusiasts all over the world and enjoy it requires no training.

Capacity: 2 to 3 people
Duration: 20 minutes
Price: 100.000 IR Toman per person

Jet Ski

Another exciting sport in Kish diving center Jet ski.

Capacity: 1 or 2 people
Duration: 0 minutes
Price: 0 IR Toman


Parasailing is one of the most fascinating recreational activities in the Kish Island. You will be attached to a kite, which is towed behind a boat and begin floating in the air.

Capacity: 1 or 2 people
Duration: 6 minutes (time in the air)
Price: 280.000 IR Toman per person

Water skiing

This is a fun sport only for people who are already trained. If you don’t have previous experience in this sport, you can start training by our instructors.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 250.000 IR Toman

Fly Board

The one of cute Kish maritime recreation is Fly Board, we seriously suggest test it.

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: 400.000 IR Toman

Underwater Scooter

The underwater scooters bring you in dept of magnificent persian gulf without any wet particle, actually in are in a very big aquarium

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: 400.000 IR Toman

Recreational Diving

Using the latest methods and deployment of skilled instructors, you will have the opportunity of a pleasant diving experience in the beautiful waters of Kish Island. Recreational diving is available in zoo beach site at the present.
A very important point in this journey is that diving fans are not required to know how to swim at all!!